#6 – Best Guest verses

We’ve all been there, listening along to a track, when BOOM, on comes a guest artist and blows the track away. In this episode, Sunny and Marcus look at ten great guest verses (although we aren’t great at counting) and pass comment.

Guest spots are often variable in quality, especially where an established artist takes their cheque for their appearance on the track to boost sales. However, some MCs really shine as guests, often beyond what they may achieve on their own work. Whether it is the lack of pressure, or the competition, or just that their solo work may lack the consistency across a project, whereas the guest spots stand out as beacons. It’s often also a chance for great MCs to collaborate with the hope of something truly extraordinary occurring.

We have tried to steer clear of the ‘usual suspects’ you always see in the listicles and of course we had our own set of arbitrary and esoteric rules. Naturally the conversation comes back to some of the greatest MCs of all time, such as Pharaohe Monch, but we also include some of the less well known (at least in the mainstream) such as RA the Rugged Man and Percee P. Common may also get a mention.

As always, if you disagree, let us know via Twitter or Instagram. We’ve also put together a Spotify playlist below of the tracks we discuss, and also another where you can add your own suggestions.

Hostile Recon
Hostile Recon
#6 - Best Guest verses


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