#7 – Most consistent hip-hop artist

Who is the best MC? Who has the best bars? Best tracks? As fans of hip-hop, these are often the questions we ask each other. And everyone has an opinion. In this episode, we consider the most consistent – a subtly different question altogether.

Throughout artists’ careers there defining moments (see Common’s Resurrection) and huge drop-offs (see Common’s Universal Mind Control). Over long careers and multiple releases, we often see a fluctuation in quality, whether this is because of loss of hunger, not landing a reinvention of the artist’s style, or something else. As fans, we are invested in our favourite artists delivering the music we love.

Sunny and Marcus walk through some of our thoughts about who is the most consistent artist in hip-hop, and I’m afraid we’ve got the answer. Apologies to everyone else who wants to debate this subject, it’s already been decided.

If you disagree (but why would you), you can join in the discussion on twitter or instagram, or down in the comments below.

As always, we’ve pulled together some playlists too. One of our choices, and another where you can add your favourite tracks.

Hostile Recon
Hostile Recon
#7 - Most consistent hip-hop artist


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