#5 – Great beats, bad rhymes

Hip-hop is littered with basslines and melodies that shakes you out of your seat or have you nodding until your head nearly falls off. It also contains some of the most imaginative, intellectual and socially-interrogative lyrics and the ability to fuse words with the rhythm like nothing else.

When all these things work together, it is heaven. When they don’t, well… they make their way into this episode of our podcast.

In this episode, we look at examples of where great beats are wasted by inadequate or inferior rhyming.

Disagree with what we think? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram or in the comments below. On reflection, you’re probably right!

As always, we have got a Spotify playlist of tracks we mention in the episode, and also an open playlist that you can add to if you think of some even better examples.

Hostile Reconnaissance Pigeon logo - episode 5 - great beats, bad rhymes
Hostile Recon
#5 - Great beats, bad rhymes


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