#3 – Women rappers

It’s fair to say that women rappers haven’t had the opportunities that male rappers have, and given the misogynistic nature of a lot of hip-hop, the female MC is a rarefied beast.

In this episode, we look at some of the most influential and talented women rappers in a vain attempt to rank our top 5. We look at the superstars, like Lauren Hill, and some of the underrated or unnoticed MCs, like Sa-Roc.

What becomes clear is that there are some stand-out performers who could hold their own regardless of gender, and some who occupy a narrow lane but do it really well.

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{Sorry, there’s some weird distortion on the track – I’ve switched from Audacity to Audition to try and fix it, but my talent with either software is limited. Not sure if it is an artefact of the recording (maybe mobile phone interference) or caused by the various filters I randomly selected. Anyway, hopefully it doesn’t spoil your listening pleasure}

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#3 - Women rappers


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