#2 – Posse cuts

Who doesn’t love a posse cut? If you’re not sure what they are, they’re when a group of MCs come together to trade rhymes, normally over an extended beat. Normally you get the best rhymes and best interplays as the MCs compete for the best verses. Sometimes you get a little skulduggery (great word yet underused in hiphop).

In this episode, we each discuss our top 5 posse cuts and some of the others that didn’t quite make the list.

If you want to ignore us and just listen to the tracks we selected, then here is a YouTube playlist of our top 10 posse cuts (and here are the tracks if Spotify is your thing):

And if you fancy seeing our entire long list of posse cuts on YouTube then have at it – enjoy

Hostile Recon
Hostile Recon
#2 - Posse cuts


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