#12: Second hand love – hidden gems

Remember when you heard that one track, and immediately rushed out to get the album? (Or set about saving your pennies in order to buy it). Well this isn’t an episode about that track. No, this is about the hidden gold on those albums.

First of all, you listen to the big track on repeat until you know every word, you feel every drum beat, and absorb each sample. Then you start exploring the rest of the album, and after a few listens, other tracks catch your attention. As you listen more, you are drawn in, until you realise that it soon becomes your favourite track on the album.

In this episode, Sunny and Marcus explore some of those ‘second hand love’ tracks – of varying quality. Sunny’s tastes were of a slightly higher quality, maybe.

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Hostile Recon
Hostile Recon
#12: Second hand love - hidden gems


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